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Handheld Tongs

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True Flexibility and Joining Wonders

The TOX®-Handheld Tongs have been designed with the operator in mind: robust, durable and excellent handling due to:

  • flexible hose connection to the pressure intensifier
  • well thought-out rotary coupling for oil, air and electric
  • sturdy, swivelling hanging bracket for attachment of a balancer
  • service friendly

Some of the handheld tongs shown here can also be used as machine mounted units, which are supplied with tapped mounting holes instead of handles.

TOX®-Handheld Tongs CHH 03.45 and CHH 03.75
Press force: 45-75 kN

Handheld Tongs with hydraulic drive designed as C-frame type. Available in different models with standardized tool opening of 6 mm or 50 mm stroke. With 1- or 2-hand controls all driven by the pneumohydraulic intensifier PHA 160.64.

CHH 03.45 & CHH 03.75 Handheld Units

  • press force 45 kN/75 kN at 250 bar oil pressure (5/8 tons at 3600 psi)
  • heavy duty C-frame unit with axial joining direction
  • available with 1- or 2-hand controls
  • can also be ordered as machine mount units
  • hydraulic pressure is provided by a pneumatic operated TOX®-Pressure Intensifier PHA

The TOX®-Handheld Tongs CHH 03 are also ideal for punching or marking applications.

TOX®-Mini-Handheld Tongs CMH 03.45
Press force: 45 kN

Handheld Tongs designed as C-frame type. Driven by pneumohydraulic intensifier PHA 160.99 or BES 125.10. Specially designed for clinching.

CMH 03.45 Mini-Handheld Unit

  • press force 45 kN at 470 bar oil pressure (5 tons at 6900 psi)
  • C-frame unit with axial joining direction
  • can be used as a portable handheld unit for mobile applications
  • available with 1- or 2-hand controls
  • use in machines either fixed mount or with an indexing slide
  • special frames with 50, 75 and 100 mm throat depths

Drive combinations for CMH 03.45

  • Mini-handheltd tongs type CMH 03.45 are driven by a pneumohydraulic intensifier and a TOX®-Hydraulic Cylinder HZ 40.
  • For model 10 with 1-hand controls and a tool opening of 6 mm or model 11 with 14 mm stroke and 2-hand safety control, the intensifier PHA 160.99 is used.
  • For Model 12 with pneumatic control and 1-hand start, the intensifier BES 125.10 is used.

Other combinations are available, e.g. if more than one cylinder is attached to the same pressure intensifier.

TOX®-Mini Tongs

Different types of TOX®-Mini Tongs for clinching applications. According to the requirements the shape varies to fit the needs.

Design versions of the TOX®-Mini Tongs

  • CMH 01.45: Retractable unit with a press force of 45 kN at 6 bar air pressure (5 tons at 90 psi). Our versatile retractable unit was originally designed for joining of ventilation sheet metal ducts.
  • CMH 02.30: Flange unit with a press force of 30 kN at 6 bar air pressure (3 tons at 90 psi). You can join small flanges using this super compact unit with solid punch and die.
  • CMH 04.45: Mini-Handheld unit with a press force of 45 kN at 470 bar oil pressure (5 tons at 6900 psi). This rugged X-(scissor action) handheld unit, with lateral joining direction, comes equipped with a 1-hand control and a tool opening of 6 mm for safety.
  • CHH 04.45: Handheld unit with a press force of 45 kN at 250 bar oil pressure (5 tons at 3600 psi). This rugged X-(scissor) handheld unit provides a tool opening of 6 mm (1/4 in) for safety.

There are many other versions and control system variations.

These versatile tongs feature robust and flexible handling with the integrated energy lines and a body which can rotate 360°. In addition, they provide high repeatability of the defined, adjustable stroke (adjustment of X dimension) and long tool life.

Additional equipment

Accessories for CMH 03.45

  • Self equalizing slide with stroke adjustment and pneumatic cylinder: The slide moves tongs back to clear the TOX®-Clinching Point or any embossment on the parts. Includes end position sensor. Optional end position dampers.
  • Tongs with integrated punch stripper type CSR for clinching applications.
  • Gimbal CZS or gimbal with hanging bracket: The handles for 2- or 1-hand cycle initiation can also be mounted on the frame. A special mounting adapter allows the handle to be rotated 360° and swiveled ±35°.

Accessories for CHH 03.45/CHH 03.75

  • Available with rotary feed through CZS and suspension shackle.
  • Can be equipped with a live ring and suspension shackle or live ring with hanger.

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TOX®-Pressure Intensifier – drives for your tongs

Depending on the unit type, the working cylinder of the TOX®-Handheld Tongs requires hydraulic pressure of 250 bar (3600 psi) or 470 bar (6900 psi). The simplest way to generate this hydraulic pressure is to use a pneumohydraulic TOX®-Pressure Intensifier, which boosts the compressed air pressure from 6 bar (90 psi) to the required hydraulic pressure. We offer two intensifier versions in different variations:

Compact pressure intensifier type BES

With pneumatic controls, including a pressure relief valve. 

Tongs pressure intensifier type PHA

The intensifiers type ES are available with 1- and 2-hand control with safety valve. They are either horizontally mounted in a rolling casteror or on a pedestal.

TOX®-Hydraulic Cylinder HZ 40 – the economic drive solution

TOX®-Hydraulic Cylinder HZ 40

This hydraulic cylinder is a single-acting cylinder with spring return. Due to the smart design, the cylinder housing serves as piston guidance and provides the thread for mounting the cylinder to the flange thread of the tongs C-frame or press without additional fasteners – a cost saving solution!

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