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Air/Oil Cylinders

Air Hydraulic Cylinders 

The TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK air to oil cylinders, also known as the TOX®-Powerpackage, are energy saving, pneumatic operated, air hydraulic cylinders that feature an integrated oil system and automatically activated power strokes.


We supply equipment to the automotive, appliance, electronic, medical industries and more. Our Drives are used in the assembly of automotive panels, medical items, and much more.


Capacities and technical specifications include press forces from 2 to 2000 kN, power strokes up to 69 mm (with longer power strokes available using the split X-KT system), and total strokes up to 400 mm. Patented characteristics of this hydro-pneumatic cylinder include the bypass system, absolute air-oil separation feature, and the hydraulic return stroke damping systems.

If you need any of the following, please contact us:

  • Longer total strokes
  • Reduced stroke lengths
  • Special assembly versions
  • Optional control units

Air Powered Hydraulic Cylinder Features

Schematic representation of the TOX®-Powerpackage functioning

I  Fast approach:

The main control valve A is switched. The working piston  extends at high speed until resistance in encountered at any point of the stroke. This resistance effects the changeover of the assembled power stroke valve B.

II  Powerstroke:

The intensifier piston closes the high pressure chamber and compresses the oil in working area up to 400 bar. This oil pressure applies pressure to the back of working piston 1 and brings about the powerstroke.

III  Return stroke:

After the changeover of main control valve A the powerstroke valve automatically vents chamber. The working piston and the intensifier piston return to their initial position.

Product Lines

TOX®-Powerpackage line-Q
The preferential series - economical and fast delivered.
TOX®-Powerpackage line-X
The high performance series with a variety of versions for your application.
TOX®-Powerpackage X-KT
The pneumohydraulic aggregat with remote working cylinder offers high flexibility.
TOX®-Powerpackage Type S and K
The TOX®-Powerpackages especially for applications with 10 bar air pressure.
TOX®-Robot tongs drives RZ
Perfect drives for tongs in robot applications
TOX®-Powerpackage Special versions
Welding cylinders, marking cylinders or special versions for e.g. the food industry.
TOX®-Powerpackage Accessories
A great variety of accessories make the use of the pneumohydraulic drives more efficient - e.g. measuring equipment, safety devices and more.

TOX®-Powerpackage Animation

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