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Test Report for Functional Elements

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Promote Fasteners Safety in the test laboratory

In the TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK test laboratory, the most effective solution for your application is developed through preliminary testing. We perform these test on your samples which we test and analyze.

Here, we also determine all parameters for your application, including the required press force and tool geometry. We establish which system and processing technology can be used for your application.

Safe quality of your installation is ensured by most up-to-date test and measuring equipment as well as highly qualified staff.

TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK test laboratory: Ensures verification of the installation for demonstrable quality

Evaluation of the strengh and mechanical load resistance in the test laboratory

Documented Quality

Before we deliver the system, we check the real processing results of the system and record these in a test report.


The following test can be carried out:

  • Measuring of the extraction resistance and pull-through resistance as well as perfoming the tortional strength test according to DVS/EFB 3480-1.
  • Examination of the customer's application: The functional element is tested  with the customer's component regarding accessibility, press forces, interfering contours and cycle times.
  • Technological acceptance of the overall system: Mechanical and electrical tests and technological approval including test run with a defined number of fasteners.
  • Production of pre-production samples.
  • Optimization of customer's series production regarding process quality, process stability and cycle times.
  • Production of sample items for determination of the best customer's application.

For each installation you receive a meaningful documentation including acceptance protocols, test report and, if applicable, EU-Declaration Of Conformity or Declaration Of Incorporation.

Customer's benefits

  • Record of the exact delivery state of the system
  • Demonstrable connection of parameters
  • Documentation of the pressing and pulling power
  • Documentation of the maximum permissible torques


Functional element technology

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