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TOX®-Round Joint Joining System

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The new generation of joining technology

The patented TOX®-Round Joint is the core of our technology. A simple round punch presses the materials to be joined into the die cavity. As the force continues to increase, the punch side material is forced to spread outwards within the die side material. Our sheet metal round joining systems are made using the latest manufacturing and surface coating techniques and provide long life expectancy and high joining quality. The result: an aesthetically pleasing round button, which joins clearly without any burrs or sharp edges on which corrosion could set in. Even with aluminized or galvanized sheet metals, the anti-corrosive properties remain intact as the protective layer flows with the material. Electric Conductivity. The TOX®-dies are extremely resilient due to the exclusive insert with oil relief system.

For additional information, see TOX®-Tools.


Also a round joint: the TOX®-MICROpoint!

Available in 1.5 and 2 mm point diameters, the TOX®-MICROpoint is the answer to miniaturization in mechatronics, electro-technics, electronics and micromechanics. It allows the joining of sheet metal parts made of steel, copper and aluminum with a thickness from 0.1 to 1.2 mm.

The conductivity of sheet metal usually coated with tin, silver or conductive grease is preserved during the clinching process. The tools are only 4 mm in diameter allowing the arbitrary use of the TOX®-MICROpoint even with narrow flange widths under 5 mm. Depending on the layout and the materials to be joined, one can expect holding forces of at least 50 N per TOX®-MICROpoint.

For further information on this special clinching joint please contact us.

Process Sequence

A solid connection: The materials are strained plastically at the connecting joint and are therefore stronger. There are no stress concentration factors. The TOX®-Joining System is also environmentally advantageous, especially when compared to welding. This is most evident in joining aluminum and coated or prepainted sheet metals.

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